Supply List

Supply List for you!

To my students, this list may seem long, but you don’t absolutely need everything that I use. Substitutions are great and beautiful marks can be made with black ink or paint and a paintbrush!

Scraps of Papers- I like pale colored papers, different textures and thicknesses. Some can be marked on already
Scraps of Fabrics- I use natural fabrics like cotton, linen, canvas, silk
Scraps of darker paper or fabric to make marks on
Oil Pastel- I use Sennilier and Pental
Soft pastels, In this course I am using Soft Form by Diane Townsend Artists Pastels
Distress Crayon, Crayon D’arch crayons
Pan Pastels- Pick a few favorite colors. Optional
Crayon, some watersoluable
Large white Posca pen
Water Dish and paper towels
Paint brushes, different sizes
Palette, I use old gesso lids
Black Walnut Ink, I use Fiber and Mud
Black Acrylic Paint, any brand
Black or Paynes Gray Ink with a Dropper, I use FW by Daler and Rowney
White and black Posca Pen, thin tip
A small piece of sand paper
Optional, objects to inspire you. I have stones and a few fresh flowers on my worktable.