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PicMonkey Lesson Using TextWalking you through Using The Text feature!

Typography speaks. So it can either make your image look better or take away the entire vision you had for it in the first place. I am including an image download here, (just click) of 18 Rules for Using Text. It is from Pinterest and done by The Visual Communication Guy.

How to pick and pair fonts an article from PicMonkey. Really Good.

**New, here is a link a fellow course member named Elliot submitted for a new resource. It is called “A Font Guide for All Occasions

If at all possible to stay within your brand, it is a great idea to create a plan or template on purpose. If someone created your logo using a font you do not own, consider purchasing that font so it will come up for you in PicMonkey like mine. If you need help finding yours, just drop me a note. Think beyond the moment. This one picture. Instead, look to the bigger picture and create strategy to deliver images that people will even start to say, Oh! That’s Oliva!

Here are some links for Fonts as well: Font Squirrel |  Da Font | TypeKit | and of course Google Fonts.

Here is PicMonkey’s Awesome link to 20 Free Font Resources.

1001 Fonts Has a lot of unique way of searching for fonts by time, mood, style etc.

These are not all free but worth checking out!

Lost Type Co-Op | Font fabric  | FontShop Pixel Buddha

There are a LOT of sites to download fonts to your computer to use. Do be careful. If you get warnings when trying to install them… don’t. One search on Pinterest for Download Free Fonts will have you on a rampage to get them all. Don’t. Be picky. Your best investment is YOUR font from your logo.

There are also different license that are offered with each font. Just because it is a free download, still read what that covers. Sometimes it is literally free to use in any dang way you want. As much as you want. Other times, it must be only your personal work, but not used in Print etc. Always, Always read the license so you do not create some amazing piece and find out you can;t print that or have it up on the web etc.

Here is a Video from PicMonkey with a little more on using your Own Fonts.

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