Noelle Mena | The Creatives ClassroomI’ve done so many of these, “Meet Noelle” pages over the years that I cringe a weeeee little bit each time I need to do one now. To read more about me, head over to my page on Designing for The Creative.

Working with so many clients over the years I learned early on the power of a good visual walkthrough. Video tutorials became part of my process. My process with clients, co-workers, and students. So offering Online Courses for my web design clients as part of my services was a very natural fit. It also saves me so much time in teaching the same things over and over. I love that when a site is complete my clients are never left hanging with, “oh my, what do I do now??”

With some very core yet I dare say, courageous life events that I have endured over the past 3 years, I went deep back into my physical side of creating. This led me to opening up my new division, Designing for The Creative this past Oct 2015 that obviously focuses on creatives. I still create for my other division, I just find myself drawn to this one. Now the courses along side working with creatives like myself has led me to wanting to expand on the courses I offer. So I opened The Creative’s Classroom. I think I will end up having all of my courses over here at some point. I like it being the “school” of it all. I like where it is going. I hope you find courses to serve you on your creative journey.

Please always feel free to contact me. Go forth!


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