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Wise Decision! Self Hosted WordPress… always ready to grow with you. 

So, yes, this course is for those of you who just have to do it yourself. It can be done! It will take a bit of time, focus and energy but you can do it.

*This is NOT this is (meaning WordPress must be installed and hosted by you, not wordpress) This is what opens the doors to limitless! This is what you want.

This course will walk you all the way through using video tutorials and written word. I suggest watching and then immediately doing each step. So block out some time and get it done.

You will need to choose to “Expand All” below on the right, right above where the course starts to be able to see all the “Topics” in between the “Lessons” this will give you the full view of the range of what we are covering. 

I have created over 50 WordPress sites and I use what I have learned to try and help you do it yourself. This is not a “How to Use WordPress 101” Course. This is a course getting you totally set up and even some demo content up so you can see what your site will be like. At the end of the course you will have a fully functioning self hosted WordPress site that you can now build upon.

*Note: That every client of mine gets access to the Website 101 Course, and yes, since you bought this particular course, that means you are eligible! BAM! So as soon as you are finished with this course, you can move right on over to it to learn how to do everything else. 

I do have to say, as a reminder, I would be doing all of this for you as part of any of my web packages. So do a real solid check in with yourself. Make sure this is what you want to spend your time and energy on. What is effortless for me (as this is what I do) might not be in your best interest to fiddle and stress with. So Contact me and lets talk.

Otherwise! Go Forth Creative!


Course Materials

Credit Card to purchase your Domain & separate Hosting. Do not purchase hosting until you are in the course so you can see what to get and the best way to get it. You will need an online document or way to write down all the new login info for each step as well. Access to the email account you want everything tied to. *Be Sure this is an email you have full access & backup control on.