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Welcome Everyone from “How to Create an Online Course!”

by Stephanie Lee

This was a last minute decision for me to host my modules for the course over here on my new site. But, that kind of is the beauty of WordPress when you have it set up to do what you want, it simply does it. Love. And it helped out the awesome Stephanie!

I am Noelle Mena and hopefully you viewed the video from within the course over on Stephanie’s site about how to access this section of the course here.

*Landed here without Purchasing Stephanie Lee’s Course? Go Purchase it Here.

All you need to do coming as a student coming from Stephanie’s site is have your coupon code ready to add and apply when you purchase this below. NO MONEY. No Payment Transaction.

Since it was never my intention to have my content over here, you will already be experiencing some of what I cover in some of the modules. Talk about Hands on!

Simply Click on the “Take this Course” button below!

It will take you to the store to purchase where you will add your coupon code to make it free. You will then at the same time be creating your account. Simply login afterwards and access.

I am here and in the facebook group. Please do not hesitate to ask anything. I love to help 🙂

Go Forth! 

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Course Materials

You must have purchased the course from Stephanie Lee's Website. Then inside the course at her site you will receive the coupon code for getting this part for free and be able to access all of these modules. *THIS is NOT available for anyone outside of the Official Course.

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