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Google Business Apps

This Course is Free for Clients  that I have set up their GBA accounts. Clients be sure to ask me for admission.

I have started, built & sold 2 businesses online and continue to have my design business. One thing I did in common with each of them is to have them connected to a Google Business Apps Account.  (GBA)

Google Business Apps provides you with an all on one suite to communicate, store and create.

Starting with your professional email account, meaning with your domain at the end of it. Like mine here is not or or or or… NO. No. nooooooooo.

It will allow you to have unlimited alias to your email as well such as,, or You want this! Now, you might say, oh my hosting account provides this service. No, that do not provide “this” kind of service. Google knows how to do it and for $5 a month (cheaper if you buy the year) you get way more than email. It’s also a pain in your bootay to use the email through your hosting. Mercy. Don’t do it. You have better things to spend your time on.


Gmail. Hangouts. Calendar. Google+

Store & Collaborate

Your Drive, Docs, Sheets, Forms, Slides

Add people to your team at anytime. (priceless when you need to bring on someone to take over the store orders or run the help desk for your courses etc)


You are in control of all of your data & users.

Access Anywhere

I have my entire office of over 50 clients that I can access their info wherever I am. I truly can work from anywhere that I have my laptop, and sometimes just my ipad if I am not full on designing in photoshop.

You can check out the Course Outline below that will show you what this course covers. It starts with actually setting up your GBA account. If I have already done that for you, you can skip to the lesson you need. 

*Do not go get your google business account until you are in that lesson. We go through the entire set up process. 

See you in the course!


Course Materials

You will need to have your login information for: Where you bought your domain. Your Hosting Account for your Domain. And access to your computer. (well of course, so you can take action!)

Course Content