Getting Started with Mailchimp

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Love the Monkey!

Mailchimp is very popular for wide array of options for even the free level account. You can have a free Mailchimp Account as long we you have 2000 or less contacts on your lists and send no more then 12000 emails a month to those contacts.

That means a lot of people will stay on a free account for a long time as they build up their list!

There are some limitations, but pretty much none you could not work around.

This Course will show you how to set up your Mailchimp Account and hopefully you have your Google Business Apps account to tie into it (if not hit me) You do not have to have GBA but really, it is the way to go.

We will get you in your account, fill in all the required info, pick and design a “template” or 2 (or 4) for you to be able to login quick and send out a branded email blast to your list.

We will get your “forms” branded for people to subscribe to your list, update their preferences etc.

It All Matters!

We will discuss “Lists” and “Reports” and more. We do not dive into the intricate details of setting up auto responders, these are part of the paid accounts only as well.

I will show you ways to embed, create your sign up forms too.

Come back soon to see the lesson topics that will show below.


Coming in June!

Course Materials

Your Mailchimp account. You will want to have your branding colors, logo, typography handy. You will want to optimize your logo for use in Mailchimp. So using PicMonkey can come in real handy. There is my free course here on using PicMonkey that you can use to do this!