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This is a Demo Quickie Course!

I wanted you to see how “simple” it can be but have all the perks. Sometimes it is not about being so so so detailed. But it is always about how your course gets conveyed to your students. Our Art studios might not look that “organized” all the time, but our courses should.

This Demo Course is set up to be a 4 Week Course. I grabbed some videos from youtube to create it.

Now, this course could be set up to “drip” meaning that course access for each week would only become accessible on the weeks I choose to schedule it. Think of your class running “Live” the first time around, and you want them to access content every Friday during the 4 weeks. You can have all of your course set up, but each week would open per your schedule to your students. Then at the end of the “Live” course, you would simply change the settings to allow full progression.

*Note: You could keep it as “drip” even after, by assigning each week to go live for the user so many days after signing up. So like, a new week would open every 7 days for that user. Awesome.

I also had this demo course set up for you not to even have to register, as I know some come over and do not want to put their email address anywhere… BUT! I have changed it. Why Noelle???? Because you simply could not see some key features as a “not logged in user” so the course is FREE and SIMPLE but you do need to create an account here. You can simply delete it after if you want. I will not be emailing you in any way just because you do this course! I want you to get the experience and see all the “buttons”… including the “Take this Course” button below!

So this is a Free Demo Course, with Immediate Access.

Go Forth!

This is simplicity with so many perks.

Just remember, every course you create has so many options to choose from to fit that specific class offering.

Hit me! Let’s Get You Set up for Courses!

Noelle Mena

The Creative’s Classroom and Designing for The Creative | Where your Creativity Goes Public

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