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Ready to create a course through LearnDash?

Important Notes for this course. 

This course is Free for Clients that I have set up LearnDash for and therefore “Invite Only”

This course is not about installing the WordPress Plugin that is LearnDash. It is about setting up a course on your site that already has the plugin installed, and set up. 

*IF you need that part done, simply contact me and we will get you ready! There are lots of steps to setting up the plugin itself so that your courses will run smoothly. Do not take that part on if you are not willing to really, really do your homework. I have set up a lot of sites for LD and created courses and have learned the what to do’s and not do’s. It is also cheaper to renew the plugin through me and my license. That way you will always have the latest version on your site. Along with other perks that come with being a client!

There are just too many variables for me to offer this course for anyone besides my clients. This way I know that what I cover in the course will produce seamless results across the board.

The really good news is LearnDash is super simple to work with to create your courses, deliver your courses, run your courses and track your courses! That is what this course is all about!

In this course we will…

Take your course from Outline to completely Online and ready for your students. Learning how to create the actual course, lessons, topics and connecting to your payment & communication automation process.


Course Materials

You need to have a self hosted Wordpress site with the Learndash Plugin installed and set up before using this course. If you need LearnDash installed, use the contact page and we will get you set up!