I love learning about new products, resources and tools to help me in my business and even every day life! I am sure you do to. Working online for so long, I learned early on that everyone was using affiliate links. An affiliate link simply means that someone has signed up to someone else’s “affiliate program” or been given a special “promotion code” to use. Then in return they get a percentage if someone ends up purchasing said product.

So like, PicMonkey here on this site. I signed up for PicMonkey’s Affiliate Program when I decided to offer it as a course. So when someone clicks on the Pro Version to upgrade using my link, I get like $5. Different programs offer different percentages. I am sure you have heard of Amazon Affiliates or a course you have been part of in teaching has offered you a special “link” or “coupon code” that if people join through your link you get a %.

That is affiliate marketing.

There is nothing wrong with it or nothing to be afraid of.


In fact I LOVE clicking on someone’s affiliate link and they get a %. They are the ones who introduced the product to me so I am happy to click! There is no risk to you as you click on someone’s affiliate link to something. They won’t even know you did except it will show a profit for them. But not your personal information etc.

I encourage you to join affiliate programs that fit what you focus on. Like for me as a web designer I am a affiliate with Hostgator for Hosting. Dropbox gets you more space for sharing. Skillshare gets you free months of classes. Same with Hulu and so so so many others!

But you have to “disclose” that you use them.

So here is my disclosure that throughout this site there are links that I might be an affiliate with. I am listing them directly here on this page as well. All things I recommend and use or I would not be an affiliate with. Most of them you get a benefit as well like a discount or free month.


Click and Enjoy! And thank you for your support!

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