What is The Creative’s Classroom About?

Offering you courses to run your world of course! 

Creative to Creative.

Courses on  “Business Tools”
Courses on “Your Website”
Courses on “Design”
Courses on “Your Money”

Courses on “???????”

I want this to be a place that is not just me hosting courses, but other creatives that want to contribute. Although I work mainly with creating WordPress Websites (like this one) I know that some creatives want to use Square Space, so I see this site as a flexible & flowing site. It is not about “one kind of creative” or “one way of doing something.”

It is about sharing through courses and you being able to pick which ones are applicable. 

What is this site not about?

It is not a site to host art classes. There are so many amazing networks that do that along with so many creatives that do that right from their own site. (which you should do) (or not do) (because there in not just one way)

Of course I am in a ton of those courses! 🙂

This site is your one stop to accessing tools & tutorials for running your creative world.

Do You have an Idea for a course you’d like to see here? 

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Noelle Mena