The Creatives Classroom with Roxanne Evans Stout

I am so excited to bring you The Creatives Classroom! We are working hard behind the scenes to move all of my courses that are currently hosted on my main website over here to The Creatives Classroom. Please be patient with us as we complete this process. Any new courses that I offer, will be offered here. We have put great emphasis on making the site beautiful, yet highly functional and intuitive for you as a student. Above this paragraph you see the FAQS button that you'll find on every page. When you click it, there are quick answers + guidance to the most obvious questions. Please refer to it before submitting to support.

Please note that the courses here are for New Students. At this time there are no plans to move students from my main site to this one. If you are currently enrolled in a course on my main site or hosted by someone else, you will continue to have access to those courses exactly how you have been accessing. All of my New Courses will be here! What an exciting journey! I am so glad you are joining me. 

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    The Gatheress

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    Sacred offerings

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    love, Give

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    student testimonials

    “I have had the absolute pleasure of both taking classes from and teaching classes with Roxanne. She always brings out the best in her students and teaches with a clear and caring approach. She is generous in sharing her techniques and ideas but, even more importantly, she fosters an environment where people feel safe and absolutely comfortable stepping out of their comfort zone to find their own unique artist voice. Her passion for art and creativity fills whatever space she teaches in - whether in person or online. And one always leaves her workshops overflowing with creativity and ready to create.”

    Seth Apter

    Roxanne’s workshops are a joy. She provides students with beautifully presented step-by-step guidance and generously shares her expertise in technique and process. Her instructional demos are clear and inviting and her enthusiasm, gentle spirit and love of art is contagious. Roxanne is that rare artist that can both do and teach. And she does both exquisitely! Needless to say, I am hooked on her workshops!

    Caroline Durgin

    “Roxanne is one of my favorite art teachers, taking a class taught by her is a delightful experience. She is gentle, generous, and open hearted. Using bits of nature, found objects, paints, stencils and more she creates work that sparks my imagination. Her classroom is a space of acceptance and connection. If you have a opportunity to take a class taught by her, do it! You will experience magical possibilities.”

    Lorrie Issacs

    Taking workshops from Roxanne Evans Stout has transformed the way I make art. Under her gentle, informed guidance, I’ve gained confidence to discover new ways to see and interpret the beauty of the natural world. Creating mixed media art with Roxanne is like dancing with texture, contrast, and materials to find balance and harmony. Making art with Roxanne is a meditative practice that calms and grounds me.”

    Christine Connerly

      "I feel that I can only really love my work if I am true to myself."